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Hands Free Mode

Hands-Free Mode is a fun and useful feature to assist in limiting the physical interaction with your Salsa by guests when initiating a capture. This feature works best when combined with QR Code sharing.

Important: Salsa’s power requirements are more significant when actively detecting faces and hands in Hands Free Mode. We highly recommend that your iPad is charged to 100% well in advance of your event’s start time. Some iOS settings may need to be adjusted for maximum power efficiency.

How it works

Our advanced facial and hand recognition software to determine when a guest is in front of the booth and when they're ready to take a photo.

When a guest has entered the frame (approximately 3 feet from the booth), the LED lights will transition from the selected branding LEDs to white LEDs at 50% brightness. This signals the guest that Salsa is ready.

Once our software detects a raised or waving hand, the photo session will begin, transitioning back to the branded LEDs and onto the capture process.

If the event does not have multiple configuration options to select from (e.g. multiple capture modes, multiple overlay choices, etc) our software will immediately start, and then take guests to the share screen.

While in Hands Free Mode, the screen will still respond to touch to initiate the capture process.

If QR code is the only sharing option enabled, guests will be presented with the code and a 30-second timer before Salsa returns to start another session.

hands free photo booth
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